KHWS radio launches with changed format

David Lim

Student broadcasting club KHWS began broadcasting on Oct. 23 with a new schedule and format, as well as some minor technical difficulties.

When KHWS first began broadcasting this year, DJs using Macs could not connect to the broadcasting server due to compatibility issues and had to use a different program. As a result, broadcasting sessions started late and were shortened. DJs also had trouble doing voiceovers.

“These are minor issues that always arise at the start of the broadcasting year as the new DJs are getting their feet,” KHWS founder Sam Wolk ’13 said.

As KHWS is entirely operated and maintained by students, Wolk began focusing more on the station’s infrastructure to ensure future self-sustainability and decided to implement some changes to the broadcasting format.

“I wanted people to always be able to go out on whatever creative paths they wanted to with the station and not feel constricted,” Wolk said. “But I also wanted the station to have enough of a skeleton so that it wouldn’t fall apart.”

With an increase in the number of DJ applications, Wolk decided to alter the broadcasting schedule based on a two-week rotating cycle. DJs would be split into alternating cycles labeled “Week A” and “Week B”.

Another change was to introduce a two-hour primetime broadcasting slot for Feature DJs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Featured DJs are the centerpieces for that week and choose all music for the station during the day and through the weekend.

“My mission is to maintain a station that allows students to express themselves through an outlet that isn’t traditionally available to them,” Wolk said. “It’s a medium through which students can share their love for music [and] foster creativity on campus.”