Teachers win Science Bowl competition

Michael Aronson

Science teachers bested the student science bowl team, 128-124, in a competition in Ahmanson Lecture Hall on Oct. 15.

Science bowl members Anser Abbas ’14, Rhett Gentile ’13, Arianna Lanz ’13, David Lim ’13 and Kevin Zhang ’14 faced science teachers Karen Hutchinson, Jesse Reiner, Dietrich Schuhl, Wendy Van Norden and Yanni Vourgourakis.

Science teacher Nate Cggardin served as the moderator and asked the questions.

After a total of 20 questions from a variety of scientific subjects including astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, math and physics, the students and teachers were tied at a score of 124-124. Reiner broke the tie by answering a sudden death chemistry question correctly, giving the teachers the win.

Each round began with a toss-up question, for which each team member had to  buzz in before a member of the opposite team.

If the team member answered the four-point toss-up question correctly, that team received the chance to answer a 10-point bonus question.

Individually, Gentile answered the most questions correctly for the students and Reiner answered the most questions correctly for the teachers.

As a result of a bet made before the competition, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas threw a pie into Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin’s face at the end of the competition when the teachers won.

“I thought the event went great,” science bowl President Kenneth Kim ’13 said. A lot of people seemed to enjoy it [and] the teachers seemed to have fun. It was a little regrettable for me that we didn’t win, but it’s understandable because they are science teachers. I thought it went great [and was] awesome.”

Kim said that Science Bowl plans to host more student-teacher competitions throughout the year.