Wangs give $5 million to renovate Reynolds

Rachel Schwartz

A $5 million donation from Walter and Shirley Wang (Walter ’13, Chantalle ’17, Matthew ’18) will supplement the $1.5 million already raised to completely renovate Reynolds Hall.

Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu said Reynolds Hall has been a fundraising priority since completion of the Bing Performing Arts Center, Munger Library and expanded athletic facilities in 2008.

The Wang family donated the funds in honor of President Tom Hudnut and his 26-year tenure.

“I have gotten to know the Wangs quite well over the years,” Hudnut said. “I am very touched that they did this in part to recognize my years at the school.”

Outer walls of the building will be blown out to expand classroom capacity. Hu called this a “fast track project.” Workers have already begun to hardwire the building to set up wireless accessibility.

“We would like to do this over as short a period as possible,” Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. It remains undecided as to whether construction will be completed “piecemeal,” closing one floor at a time, or whether the school will “bite the bullet,” closing the whole building for a year or more, Hudnut said. The school would resort to temporary bungalows to compensate for a loss of classroom space.

The start date of construction has yet to be announced.