Spoken Word chooses members for new season

Jadene Meyer

The Spoken Word Club added eight new members to this year’s team.

The announcement was made Dec. 12 after the auditions Dec. 1.
For the audition, each student delivered a classic poem of their selection and wrote a response to their poem.
“[The auditions] were a little nerve-wracking, especially because poetry is so personal, but it was a really cool experience to share with other classmates and to listen to their poems too,” club member Sakura Price ’18 said.
When tournaments begin, the team will be cut down to six members.
The team will continue to meet every Monday to practice for small performances. These events are practice for the Get Lit Classic Slam in April.
The competitions are comprised of group and individual pieces. Students are scored on several aspects of their poem delivery and selection.
The team has started their preparation by writing group response poems.
“We’re all really excited to see where this year takes us and how our team will develop to create even more amazing poetry that hopefully scores well and speaks to every single one of us,” club member Natalie Choi ’18 said.