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The front page of the Stone-Cutters Winter Tabloid. Printed with permission of Maya Doyle

Stone-Cutters release Winter Tabloid virtually

Fallon Dern January 19, 2021

The HW Stone-Cutters released their Winter Tabloid this week, featuring 16 student works spanning six artistic mediums. The 24 student team has accepted and refined submissions since November and celebrated...

Get Lit poetry group performs

Fallon Dern December 12, 2020

Members of Get Lit, a spoken word troupe based in Los Angeles, led a poetry teaser and showcase during Community Flex Time on Nov. 18. Get Lit Public Outreach Manager Mason Granger, a writer with over...

Chinese teacher Bin He, Spanish teacher Sephora Escarpeta-Garcia and French teacher Karine Bruno share a poem with the audience, switching off every stanza. The teachers recited the poem in the language that they teach. 

Credit: Quincey Dern/Chronicle

Students showcase their talents in February Coffeehouse

Quincey Dern February 10, 2020

Students and teachers showcased their talents at the Valentine’s Day themed Coffeehouse in Chalmers East after school Monday. Language teachers share a poem Prefect Council hosted the event, where a...

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, right, shakes hands with President Rick Commons.  Credit: Caitlin Chung/ Chronicle

Former Poet Laureate recites poetry at Brown Family Assembly

Lindsay Wu April 24, 2019

Former U.S. Poet Laureate, former New York State Poet and Distinguished Professor Billy Collins discussed the nature of relationships by reading selections of his writing at the annual Brown Family Assembly...

Stone-Cutters staff recite poetry, display artwork

Austin Lee March 4, 2019

Staff members of the upper school literary magazine Stone-Cutters recited poetry and featured artwork in Chalmers East during their first display of the year. “It's been a year where we've gone through...

Write of Passage

Write of Passage

Saba Nia August 29, 2018

Sophie Kim ’19 smiled against the bright lights as she took the stage. After working with the LGBTQ+ performance group QueerWise and serving on the school’s slam poetry team, Kim had become accustomed...

Senior named LA County Youth Poet Laureate

Lindsay Wu June 27, 2018

Sophie Kim ’19 was selected as the 2018 Los Angeles Country Youth Poet Laureate from a record number of applicants.  Over the course of the next year, Kim will also work with Penmanship Books to...

Eunice Kiang '20 reads her poem that was featured in StoneCutters magazine in the lounge. Credit: Zoe Redlich/Chronicle

Stone-cutters hosts poetry reading to celebrate magazine release

Zoe Redlich May 7, 2018

Staff members of the upper school literary magazine Stone-cutters celebrated the print release with a poetry reading, display of artwork and pastries in Chalmers on Monday. “We really wanted to promote...

Speaking Up

Alex Goldstein April 25, 2018

Over 500 students from all over the Los Angeles area arrived on campus to engage in workshops, listen to speakers and participate in an open mic during the fourth annual Wider Than The Sky Poetry Festival...

Slam poet Natalie Choi ’18  performed in the 2017 Get Lit Words Ignite Classic Slam semi-finals, the largest youth poetry festival in Southern California.

Mic Drop

Caty Szeto October 16, 2017

Natalie Choi ’18 stood on the black stage, a single spotlight illuminating her figure as she recited her two-minute poem at the semi-finals of the 2017 Get Lit Words Ignite Classic Slam in front of a...

Sakura Price '18, Natalie Choi '18 and Jenny Yoon '19 perform a slam poem on their experience as Asian women at Wider Than the Sky, the annual poetry festival. Credit: Saba Nia/Chronicle

Rhyme Time

Sarah Lee April 26, 2017

Student poets from all over Los Angeles disembarked from school buses and poured onto the upper school campus. Ambassadors for the poetry festival led the poets up to Chalmers Lounge for breakfast and...

Calvin Kaleel ’18 joins the poets in appreciation for his enthusiasm during the junior class meeting performance. Credit: Danielle Spitz/Chronicle

Slam poets visit class meetings

Sarah Lee November 29, 2016

Poets from Get Lit, a slam poetry group, performed response slam poetry at junior and senior assemblies Nov. 4 and Nov. 7. The school’s slam poetry team invited the poets to get students to join the...

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