Stone-Cutters staff recite poetry, display artwork

Austin Lee

Staff members of the upper school literary magazine Stone-Cutters recited poetry and featured artwork in Chalmers East during their first display of the year.

“It’s been a year where we’ve gone through a lot of changes,” Anna Katz ’20 said. “We used to just do the end-of-year publication, and this year this is our second publication. Our first one was a really small broadcast, but this one is our first big broadcast.”

The staff showcased paintings by Capri Woss ’21, Anna Katz ’20, Eunice Kiang ’20 and Jasper Wong ’19 at the event. In addition, Felicity Phelan ’21, Nina Neumann ’20, Maya Doyle ’21 and Nicole Austen ’21 read their poems and short essays.

“I’ve been writing for a really long time, and I like the idea of getting my work out at a local level,” Maya Doyle ’21 said. “I really liked reading other people’s work and seeing other people’s artwork.”

In addition to distributing magazines, staff members served pastries and hot chocolate for attendees.