Stone-cutters hosts poetry reading to celebrate magazine release


Eunice Kiang ’20 reads her poem that was featured in StoneCutters magazine in the lounge. Credit: Zoe Redlich/Chronicle

Zoe Redlich

Staff members of the upper school literary magazine Stone-cutters celebrated the print release with a poetry reading, display of artwork and pastries in Chalmers on Monday.

“We really wanted to promote the magazine and the artists themselves who were in it,” Stone-cutters Senior Visual Arts Editor Sarah Conway ’18 said.

Máté Major ’18, Ben Pimstone ’18, Wilder Short ’18, Avery Keare ’19 and Eunice Kiang ’20, whose pieces were featured in the magazine, read their poems or short essays. Students also displayed paintings that were featured in the magazine and played a slideshow presentation Stone-cutters pages in the lounge.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for students to share their writing with each other in a supportive environment, and I really enjoyed the poetry that I heard,” Hannah Mittleman ’20 said.

Students who attended the reading picked up a copy of the magazine and choose from a selection of pastries. After the events in Chalmers ended, the Stone-cutters staff set up on the quad with copies of the magazine, brownies and Krispy Kreme donuts.

“We really wanted to promote the magazine and the artists themselves who were in it. We’ve never really had this type of thing before and I feel like it’s interesting to hear the poems or short essays in the creator’s voice,” Conway said.