Seniors put together mock semiformal

Lauren Sonnenberg

The class of 2013 dressed up in formal attire, danced and played sparkling cider pong on the quad as a part of mock semiformal Feb. 4 in an effort to retain the spirit of the dance while commemorating their senior year. Semiformal was cancelled in 2011.
This is the second year seniors have held an event during school in place of an official all-high-school formal dance.
Zach Getelman ’13 suggested “Fake semiformal Friday” but it was pushed back to Monday in order to give students time to prepare and buy supplies.
Once students had agreed upon hosting the event, a Google Docs account was set up for students to volunteer supplies.
Seniors signed up to bring ping pong balls, red cups, plastic shot glasses, posters, sparkling cider, and root beer kegs.
A sign was posted on the quad reading “Semi-formal 2013” along with encouragement to “Instagram that pic #FSF2013…Fake Semi-Formal”.
Students gathered on the quad during break to take pictures and listen to music from a student’s iPod dock.
Alex Copeland ’15 asked Jazzi Marine ’13 to the Whiteout dance via a loudspeaker through a window in Chalmers building.
Kacey Wilson ’13 warned underclassmen that “Prank number one was a success! More to come, so watch out!” and brought 30 bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Cider for the event.
“A lot of people participated in the event, but I wish everyone got as excited about it as they did about the real thing,” Lexi Fadel ’13 said. “But overall, it was a great way to start off being second semester seniors and everyone had a lot of fun.”