Students compete in dodgeball tourney

Noa Yadidi

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council hosted the second round of games as part of an annual dodgeball tournament March 11.

In the final play-in game of the tournament, The Brownies beat the Intimidating Cake Pops. In the first two games of the next round, Team 5DS defeated Kony 2013 and French Toast Mafia beat the Monks.

The tournament began March 4 with the first three of four play-in games to narrow the tournament down to 16 teams. Pak and Cheese took on Team Rocket #1, Nerd Herd 2.0 played High Vaultage and Team Rocket #2 played against Scared Hitless, with Pak and Cheese, Nerd Herd 2.0 and Team Rocket #2 all emerging victorious.

“It was a tough loss,” Joey Lieberman ’14 said. “Our team was the Monks, which are the Scene Monkeys, so we’re not known for our athletic ability and I really wanted to win at least one game, but we didn’t. It was a fun experience. Everyone was a fair winner.”

After expanding the tournament for the first time from 16 to 32 teams, turnout was much lower than expected with only 20 teams signing up, mostly comprised of juniors, according to SAAC member and tournament organizer Davey Hartmeier ’14. As a result, more teams were given a bye in the first round than originally planned.

“Dodgeball has gone great so far,” Hartmeier said. “The fan turnabout was great for the first few rounds when some of the less competitive teams are playing.”

Teams must consist of seven students and must have at least two students of each gender. All games this year will take place during Monday breaks in Taper Gym.

“Like any sports fan, you root for the underdog, and in the rare occasion that underdog wins, chaos ensues,” Hartmeier said.