Alumnus develops self-help website to share hardships

Lauren Sonnenberg

Jack Davis ’10 created iOvercame, which he describes as a self-help website where users can post anonymously about their problems and adversity in the hopes of inspiring others.

Davis, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, conceived the idea for a self-help website over the summer and worked through the fall of his junior year at Duke University to turn his idea into a reality. In keeping with his website which stresses community relations, Davis was adamant that his co-creators receive credit for their work as he believes this project to be a team effort.

The website was officially launched on Feb. 12. It boasts no ads and higher traffic than anticipated, according to Davis.

Davis is not looking to solve peoples’ problems with advice, but rather is eager to create a commnity.

iOvercame’s “About Us” section says “somewhere in the world, there is a person going through something similar to the challenge you overcame. We hope and believe that your post can not only ease their insecurities and loneliness, but more importantly, give them a blueprint and inspiration for how to overcome their issues.”

In his quest to help and inspire people, Davis is working on setting up a program to reach more high schools and colleges, hoping to “pair [the website] with school psychological services or pairing it with foundations,” Davis said.

Though stories are not screened, Davis and his co-workers are able to screen comments users can post on other stories.

“My hope is that my site gives people a forum to find how others triumphed and give people a little positive boost so sad situations can be given a blueprint for success,” Davis said.
iOvercame is not Davis’s first entrepreneurial venture. Davis first experimented with running a website in the spring of his high school senior year when he created a website called Cali High Sports, aimed at “giving the high school athlete the chance to showcase themselves the way they want to be showcased,” the website says.