Chronicle hosts high school editors round table

Elana Zeltser

Former Chronicle editor-in-chief Daniel Rothberg ’11, now managing editor of the USC Daily Trojan, told high school editors Sunday, March 17 how different it is to work on a college daily.

For the second year in a row, the Chronicle hosted an Editors Roundtable for editors from other private schools in the Los Angeles area in the publications rooms on the upper school campus.

Rothberg said that except for special news coverage, the Trojan uses a set format for page design, fitting the story into a template instead of designing from scratch. Stories are assigned several days in advance, he said, and editors keep track of the writers’ progress so that it is rare for a writer to miss the 5 p.m. deadline for turning in copy.

Editors from Marlborough, Crossroads and Notre Dame talked about issues with prior review of content at their school, and traded newspapers and magazines. They projected their newspaper websites onto a big screen and talked about issues specific to posting stories online.