Next year’s Prefects announced

Rebecca Katz

The Class of 2015 elected Jackson Beavers ’15, Albert Choi ’15, Rachel Persky ’15 and Sarah Winshel ’15 as next year’s junior prefects.

All candidates were asked a prepared question by this year’s Head Prefects, Michael Wagmeister ’13 and Katie Lim ’13 and ended with a statement about what sets them apart.

Six female and five male candidates ran for junior prefect. Voting opened Friday April 19 after the sophomore class meeting when candidates discussed topics from campus cleanliness to character.

Current junior prefects Ashley Sacks ’14 and Henry Hahn ’14 were chosen as Head Prefects by default and will lead Prefect Council next year. Hahn ran unopposed as the only male candidate. Sacks was left as the only female candidate after Mazelle Etessami ’14 withdrew her candidacy for Head Prefect due to an Honor Board violation.

Etessami was only allowed to run for senior prefect after sending an email to the junior class in which she admitted to breaking the Honor Code earlier this year, confessing that she had become overwhelmed by school work and extracurricular activities.

Etessami said that having been on both sides of the Honor Board will make her a better representative.

The Class of 2014 elected Etessami, Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14, Greg Lehrhoff ’14 and Malanna Wheat ’14 to serve as senior prefects from three female and five male candidates.