Apparel, signs sold to honor Carr ’14

Elizabeth Madden

The Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club sold apparel and car signs to raise money for the Justin Carr Memorial Fund throughout last week.

The organization sold T-shirts that featured a silhouette of Justin Carr ’14 making the peace sign. The image was taken from a photograph that Carr’s father took at a University of Southern California football game, Carr’s parents said. The back of the shirt features Carr’s actual signature, which was taken from his previous homework assignments, and features the five adjectives that Carr listed to describe himself on his junior questionnaire: creative, skillful, observant, helpful and sensitive. The shirts were designed by friends of the family.

“I designed the car signs on a website that creates advertising or fundraising merchandise,” fundraiser co-organizer Angela Haney ’14 said. “The signs were funded by the incredibly generous donation of Jensen McRae’s ’15 family, specifically her mom Suzanne McRae. We still have signs, so hopefully we will continue to sell them beyond Harvard-Westlake campus.”

Signs were selling for $2 and T-shirts were selling for $20.

At the previous fundraising sales where they sold BLACC merchandise and held a bake sale, they raised $5,229.82 for Carr’s memorial fund, BLACC adviser Janiece Richard said.

The money will be used to provide funding grants and scholarships to high school students with passions in the visual and performing arts, design or athletics, which were all interests of Carr’s, his mother Susan Carr said.

“Frank D. Parent School in Inglewood is the school that BLACC is currently working with for tutoring,” Susan Carr said. “We will be seeing how we can include support in the arts for their students. Justin attended McKinley School in Pasadena, and we will be reaching out to them to provide enrichment programs,” she said.

The signs and T-shirts will be sold at, or by contacting [email protected]

Carr’s family invited anyone to take a picture while wearing the shirt, carrying the sign or making the peace sign at a famous monument and post it on the memorial page on Facebook, send it to or send it to [email protected]