School sends seniors’ dogs home after prank

Claire Goldsmith

The class of 2013 filled the quad with dogs of all breeds Tuesday as an end-of-year senior prank. Their “Bring Your Dog to School Day” came to halt, however, when administrators asked students to take their dogs home or call a family member to do so.

Lauren Schlussel ’13 brought her white Maltese, Correy King ’13 walked around school with his Rottweiler and Alex Cadiff ’13 was accompanied by his German Shepherd.

“I didn’t participate because I thought it’d be a hassle to bring my dog; however, I thought [the prank] was pretty funny,” Annie Wasserman ’13 said. Wasserman’s dog, part Chihuahua and part Miniature Pinscher, would not have done well around so many other dogs, she said.

“I thought the ‘Bring Your Dog to School Day’ for the seniors was humorous and shows the seniors’ love for their pets,” Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said. “However, there is a reason why dogs are not allowed on campus.”

She cautioned that dogs can behave erratically around other dogs or in large group of people and noted that they “tend to perform bodily functions at inappropriate times.”

“I am not sure that every dog owner, not just H-W seniors, are that responsible when it comes to cleaning up after their pet,” Bracken said. “How effective are the “Please clean up after yourself” signs on the lunch tables?”

The school asked students or a family member to take the dog home in the interest of general campus safety and hygiene, Bracken said.

“I would like to note that I love dogs, have always owned a dog and currently own a rescue dog named Scooter,” she said. “I just can’t bring him to school or work with me.”