Summer programs set new record for enrollment

David Lim

The summer program this year has more students and athletes enrolled than ever before.

Seven years ago the summer school program was revamped and upper school Dean Jim Patterson, took over as Director of Summer Programs.

“This year already surpassed last year’s total enrollment numbers,” Patterson told students enrolled in the summer journalism class.

He said there were 913 students enrolled as of the first three week segment, the busiest of the summer, but that more could be expected to enroll later in the summer since enrollment is permitted up to the day classes begin.

One summer school program that has greatly increased is the Righteous Conversation program. In this program members interview holocaust survivors and create a videotaped public service announcement.  This program has increased from 20 to 32 students, becoming one of the most popular programs on campus.

Patterson said the school believes that students should come to summer school for enrichment and not advancement.  This allows them to learn and not have to worry about grades or homework.

There are some exceptions such as geometry, French and Spanish.  These classes allow new students coming into ninth grade a chance to catch up with their classmates.

Along with the academic programs there is also an extensive sports program.   The most popular of these camps is basketball.  Although there are twice as many academic students than sports, athletes it is still a growing program.

Summer school lasts for eight weeks. Around 140 private and public schools are represented and there are even students from different countries like Korea and Saudi Arabia.