Students hold office on junior state cabinet

Kenneth Schrupp

Four students were elected to senior positions in the California Junior State of America, a student-run youth organization, during the summer. JSA members participate in student government almost parallel in structure to that of the United States, with yearly elections for leadership positions.

Samantha Garfield ’14, Jeremy Bradford ’14 and Zoe Dutton ’15 were appointed to the JSA state cabinet.

Garfield’s duties include the invitation of speakers, organization of events and the collection of taxes.

Bradford and Dutton jointly oversee the Waxton Youth Advisory Board, which coordinates meetings with local congressmen.

“I hope my work here and now the expansion of the youth advisory program, paves the way for future generations of young adults to have a more active role in government,” Bradford said.
Victoria Yu ’15 was appointed as Director of Photography and will chronicle the JSA’s engagements throughout the upcoming year.