Offices, classrooms undergo renovations

Sophie Kupiec-Weglinski

During the summer there has been a case of what Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts called “musical chairs” in Seaver, as well as construction in Rugby and the orchestra room.

Various offices in Seaver were swapped and construction took place in order to create a new history classroom, Seaver 205, which previously housed offices for Senior Alumni Officer Harry Salamandra, Director of Studies Liz Resnick, and Director of Communications Jill Shaw.

The move was catalyzed by President Rick Commons, who wished to have his office located in Seaver, where he would be able to converse and interact with students and faculty more easily.

Commons’ new office is in a former classroom, adjacent to the faculty lounge.

Resnick and Shaw moved across the hall in Seaver while Salamandra and the Alumni Relations offices were moved to the former president’s office in a house above the senior parking lot.

Former English classroom Rugby 205 was converted in order to enlarge the English faculty office. The office received new paint on the walls, a new carpet, and new plastic mats for their chairs to roll on.

The orchestra room was also renovated. The rooms were not flexible for all types of rehearsal groups before the renovations because it was hard to hear each other, Performing Arts teacher Mark Hilt said.

The remodel, which started after the end of school and finished in late July, included raising the ceiling, removing the carpet, taking advantage of wasted space and improving the lighting.
Hilt plans to add boards to the walls to deflect the sound waves back and forth.

“It’s very crucial  for a young orchestra to learn how to  play by listening to each other as  well as  watching  the  beat and feeling the music,” Hilt said.