Jennifer Regas Tiari: History


History teacher Jennifer Regas Tiari types at her desk. Credit: Anthony Weinraub/Chronicle

Anthony Weinraub

Jennifer Regas Tiari has joined the upper school history department at the start of the year, teaching The World and Europe II and United States History.

Tiari worked at University of California, Los Angeles as a teaching assistant and guest lecturer since 2011.

“I’m really excited to get this opportunity to interact with students for a whole year and develop relationships with my students and get that longevity that you don’t get at a college,” Tiari said.

Prior to working at UCLA, Tiari worked at The List Project, an organization which helps assimilate Iraqi interpreters who immigrated to the United States after working for the military during the Iraq War.

Tiari says she plans to incorporate her experiences at The List Project into her teaching.

“[I learned that] not everyone has the same life experiences as I have, not everyone has the same life experiences that my community has,” Tiari said. “I’ll tailor my teaching style, my interaction style to people with different life experiences.”

While at UCLA, Tiari also worked on history-related television shows such as “Drunk History” and “Who Do You Think You Are?

“I hope that my experiences making history for the public,” Tiari said. “I hope that I can translate that into the classroom and show students who didn’t think they were future historians and teach them that they really have that opportunity to love history.”