Senior debater ranks in Texas tournament

Su Jin Nam

Debater Annie Kors ’14 won sixth speaker in the Greenhill Fall Classic, which was held in Greenhill, Texas, Sept. 16.

Kors dropped in octofinals, the round of sixteen, after going 5-1 in preliminary rounds.

Julie Engel ’14 dropped in the first round of elimination, after going 4-2. Tommy Choi ’14 went 4-2, but did not qualify for elimination rounds because of his speaker points.

Prior to the tournament in Texas, Kors also debated in a round robin tournament, where each competitor debates against all other competitors, and won third speaker based on speaker points.

From Sept. 13-15, novice debaters went undefeated, and varsity debaters made semifinals in a tournament at Loyola High School.

In the novice division, Jesse Nadel ’17 and Connor Engel ’17 went undefeated; neither placed due to low speaker points.

“I feel confident going into my next one but if I want to win, I will have to work hard,” Engel said.

In the varsity division, Choi and William Gingold ’14 dropped in semifinals and octofinals, respectively.

In the tournaments, students debated whether “voting ought to be compulsory” in a democracy.

“I thought the team did great at Loyola and will continue to have a strong season,” Assistant Debate Coach Nate Zerbib-Berda said.