Stanford honors 3 teachers

Nikta Mansouri

Three teachers were honored by Stanford University as part of the Teacher Tribute Initiative this past month.

Latin teacher Paul Chenier, English teacher Jocelyn Medawar and history teacher Dror Yaron were nominated by former students who are now freshmen at Stanford.

During the summer, incoming freshmen were given the opportunity to write about a teacher who played a significant role in their lives. The university then chose a few to honor.

Conor Cuse ’13 said Medawar changed the way he felt about English class and made him enjoy it.

“It was kind and accepting, yet rigorous and demanding,” Cuse wrote in his nomination. “It was fun, but it was interesting. For the first time it felt important.  Medawar created this atmosphere.”

Medawar, a Stanford alumna, was touched by what Cuse said and that he spent time writing  about her.

“It’s incredibly gratifying that a student who is in the middle of his freshman year would take the time to sit back and write something so thoughtful about me,” Medawar said. “That’s what makes it so valuable.”

Josh Lappen ’13 nominated Chenier, and Carla Sneider ’13 nominated Yaron.

“I am deeply honored to have been nominated by such an extraordinarily talented, inspiring and humble student,” Yaron said. “She came to class always eager to actively engage with her peers, posed provocative questions and not once complained about the rigorous challenges of the course.”

The Teacher Tribute Initiative program, which Stanford sponsors, was created to honor influential and inspiring teachers.