Student clubs take own yearbook photos

Lauren Rothman

The yearbook is asking clubs to submit their own photographs for the yearbook this year.

Photos are due Nov. 1, and club leaders can post their photos, taken with a phone or camera, on the iPhone app Instagram and tag the Vox account or hashtag the yearbook with #HWVOX.

These photos will be in Vox Populi XXIII. The photos, all squares, will be used creatively in a unique design.

The idea behind this way of representing clubs is to bring out their personality, yearbook adviser Jen Bladen said.

“The idea was inspired when last year the Minecraft club sent us their own picture,” Bladen said. “They made themselves into little Minecraft animated characters.  We found this so cute and fun, and we wanted to do something like it.”

When Bladen announced the idea to the Yearbook staff, it was supported.

“I really liked the idea because it’s a way for clubs to have complete control over how they want to creatively represent themselves through a picture,” Clubs Editor Christina Tribull said.

Club heads are asked to submit the names and years of graduation of people in the pictures for the yearbook staff.