School displays photos in honor of veterans

Jonathan Seymour

Photos that students submitted of their relatives who are veterans of the Armed Services were displayed on Veterans Day Nov. 11 on the bulletin board inside Chalmers and in the glass cabinets outside Chalmers.

“[These photos] are a reminder that there are many who have gone before us,” Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said.  “This is not just history but connections to the past.”
Bracken emailed upper school students Oct. 31 asking them to send her digital copies of the pictures and include their relatives’ name, rank, branch of service and relationship to the student.

“I think it was a sweet way to honor those who have served our country and protected us,” Nina Milligan ’16 said. Milligan’s uncle fought in the Vietnam War.

Middle school students were asked to send similar information and photos to middle school secretary Tim Smith.

“I think this recognition of veterans who are related to the Harvard-Westlake community was a great way to celebrate Veterans Day,” Bracken said. “I am hopeful that displaying photos on campus [on Veterans Day] will become a tradition.”

Approximately 25 students sent in photos of their relatives to be put on display inside Chalmers and in the glass cabinet outside Chalmers.

“A veteran is a veteran no matter what country he fought for,” Matthew Jung ’16 said.  Jung’s grandfather was in the Korean People’s Army, which is the army of North Korea. “My family and I celebrate Veterans Day and the service that my grandfather did for his country, even though it wasn’t the United States.”