Deans open signups for spring college tours

Jake Saferstein

Juniors must turn in their tour preference form and a signed set of the college tour rules by Dec. 10 if they chose sign up for the east coast college tours.

Both tours will take place over the first week of spring break to give juniors a feel for many colleges. Each trip costs $2,495.

The Bison Tour is set to cover Bucknell University, Carnegie Mellon University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Chicago, Kalamazoo College, Kenyon College, Swarthmore College, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Villanova University and Washington University in St. Louis. The only change from last year is that Kalamazoo College replaced Denison University, since it was on the route already and to “mix it up a little bit,” dean Beth Slattery said.

The Spider Tour is set to cover Columbia University, Davidson College, Duke University, Elon University, Emory University, Fordham University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Lafayette College, New York University, University of Maryland, University of Richmond and Vanderbilt University, and has not changed from last year.

“We try to make a mix of small and big, public and private, and stuff like that,” Slattery said.  “We aim for a balance of everything we need: city schools, rural schools, schools geared towards science and community-driven schools.”

In addition to touring colleges, juniors are also scheduled to meet current Harvard-Westlake alumni at prospective colleges.

“Last year the students gave feedback, and there were small things like not enough free time, it went quickly, they said nowhere seemed like a waste of time,” Slattery said.