Science Bowl announces teams for spring competitions

Jensen Pak

The Science Bowl club released in an email Nov. 30 the two teams of five students that will compete in the spring. This year, the club also selected ten younger students to train for future years.

“When deciding on each team, many factors were considered: active participation, content knowledge, willingness to be a team player, maturity, positivity, buzzer speed and accuracy,” Science Bowl adviser Nate Cardin said. “We also needed to ensure that each team featured a range of subject specialists so as to leave as few knowledge gaps as possible. As such, the A and B teams are not a rank order of the top players, but rather our best idea of two strong, cohesive teams that we think will work together well at this year’s competition.”

Two sophomores were chosen as alternates for the A and B team, attending competitions and training with the teams.

To prepare younger students for competitions, the ten students on the C/D team will be able to learn this year so that they can play on the A and B teams in later years.

“We hope that this increased level of attention and focused practice will encourage the growth of a great crop of young players,” Cardin said.

Anser Abbas ’14 (Captain)
Jonathan Heckerman ’15
Adam Hirschhorn ’16 (Alternate)
Enya Huang ’15
Kevin Zhang ’14

Nicholas Abouzeid ’15
Zachary Birnholz ’14 (Captain)
Donhem Brown ’14
Laurel Rand-Lewis ’16 (Alternate)
Larry Zhang ’14

Ari Berman ’15
Laura Campbell ’16
Marko Fejzo ’15
Jacob Gold ’15
Shelley Jain ’16
Victoria Keating ’16
Paula Lahera ’16
Jessica Pfeifer ’16
Aaron Shih ’15
Katie Speare ’16