Slam poets visit class meetings


Calvin Kaleel ’18 joins the poets in appreciation for his enthusiasm during the junior class meeting performance. Credit: Danielle Spitz/Chronicle

Sarah Lee

Poets from Get Lit, a slam poetry group, performed response slam poetry at junior and senior assemblies Nov. 4 and Nov. 7.

The school’s slam poetry team invited the poets to get students to join the club.

Last year, the school’s slam poetry team was a finalist at Classic Slam, a youth poetry festival hosted by Get Lit where poets recite a classic poem from memory and then present their original responses in the form of slam.

Students at the assembly were invited to snap when they heard something in any of the poems that they agreed with or found meaningful. Poem topics included classism in the college admission process, trouble with romantic relationships and anxiety.

“I really liked the emotion that [the poets] put behind their poems,” Denise Navarro ’18 said. “I was thinking about what they had said, asking if you had to relate to a poem to like it. They had made a really good point in saying that because you don’t actually have to relate to something to enjoy it.”

Auditions for the school’s slam poetry team are being held after school on Nov. 30.