Community celebrates break with winter festivities


Students take a picture in a photo booth in the lounge as part of the Winterfest activities. Credit: Jenny Li/Chronicle

Jenny Li

Students dressed up in ski gear, onesies and more this week for the annual Winterfest celebrations in anticipation of Winter Break.

Social Committee and Prefect Council chose to continue the tradition to alleviate stress before the mid-year assessments and to unite the community, Head Prefect Cate Wolfen ’17 said.

“Winterfest brings people together during the holiday season for fun and festivity,” Wolfen said. “I also think it’s really great that there is something to look forward to during such a hectic time at school.”

Movies were played in the lounge, which was decorated with festive posters and a Christmas tree, throughout the week.

The week started with Mammoth Monday, in which students wore ski apparel and puffy jackets. The lounge was also decorated to resemble a ski lounge and featured activities such as a photo booth, a free hot chocolate bar and a performance by the Jazz Singers.

“The singing really lifted my holiday spirits,” singer Charles Connon ’18 said. “It was fitting with the season, and it was cool to be able to sing for so many people.”

The week continued with T’winter Tuesday, and Prefect Council invited members of the community to wear matching clothes.

Students wore pajamas and onesies on Onesie Wednesday, the favorite day of most students, according to Avery Keare ’19.

“Onesie day was my favorite dress-up day because it was the coziest,” Keare said. “Everyone was happy all day because we felt like we were all walking around school in warm, fuzzy blankets.”

The week ended with Tacky Sweater Thursday and Festive Friday. Both days students were to dress in holiday colors to increase enthusiasm for the holidays.

Danny Seplow ’19 said Winterfest helped increase holiday spirit and served as an incentive to get through the assessments ahead.

“I like Winterfest because it makes me feel festive,” Danny Seplow ’19. “It allows me to motivate myself through midterms by reminding me that there is more than just school. Break and the holidays are almost here.”