Honor Board video, breast cancer awareness highlight senior class meeting

Sammi Handler

Prefect Council screened a video during senior class meeting Friday explaining the mechanics of the Honor Board due to a recent Chronicle article, Head Prefects said. An alumna also shared a story of her mother’s battle with stage four breast cancer, urging students to help educate the public about the need to fund stage four research.

The video, filmed several years ago, informed seniors about how infractions are reported and the importance of confidentiality. The Head Prefects said they wanted to clear up “misconceptions” that the November article spread.

The Chronicle article relayed how infractions are reported, the views of current and former prefects on confidentiality, a possible concern about consistency and the story of an anonymous student’s experience going in front of the Honor Board.

The Head Prefects did not elaborate on the problems they found in the story.

Kelly Morrison ’16 also asked students to help her and Jillian Sanders ’17 bring awareness to stage four breast cancer, which receives 2 percent of funding and is the only stage that has a risk of mortality, Morrison said. Stage four breast cancer has between a 95 and 97 percent fatality rate.

Morrison’s mother was diagnosed with stage four during her sophomore year, and she took a gap year in part to help her mother as she goes through chemotherapy.