Local restaurants accommodate to COVID-19

Davis Marks

As cases of the COVID-19 delta variant increase, restaurants near the school have adjusted protocol for customers.

Il Tramezzino owner RickWalken said his restaurant persevered despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.

“As the pandemic started, we acted quickly to ensure that our restaurant would be safe,” Walken said. “We hired someone for sanitization, built up connections with food delivery providers such as Postmates and made adjustments, and as a result, our business has grown tremendously.”

Although the delta variant has not seriously impacted Il Tramezinno’s flow of customers, Walken said their priority is the safety of their customers.

“As cases got better, we opened outdoor seating options for customers who wanted a restaurant experience rather than take-out experience,” Walken said. “However, since cases are rising, we’re monitoring the situation to see if we’ll have to change anything.”

OVE Pizzeria owner Jack* said the restaurant has maintained a steady customer base throughout the pandemic despite the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases.

“Even though cases have been getting worse recently, we’ve still had pretty consistent business,” Jack said. “The only real difference we’ve seen [is] people being more cautious at the restaurant in order to stay safe.”

Jack said he will prioritize customers’ safety, adapting protocols as case rates change.

“We’ve required masks and had closed indoor dining throughout the entire pandemic, and we hope cases improve,” Jack said. “But if cases get worse and new requirements are released, we’ll adjust again to ensure the safety of customers and our staff.”

*Surname redacted