Peer Support requires new sleepover contracts

Kelly Loeb

A new policy now requires students to sign a contract prior to attending Peer Support sleepovers in order to ensure proper and school-appropriate behavior.

“We want people to feel comfortable and safe at their sleepovers, just as they do in group,” Peer Support coordinator Sophie Sunkin ’14 said.

The contract reads: “This contract has been made in order to preserve and protect Peer Support as a club, as well as the students associated with it.”

“Everyone’s reaction has been pretty good regarding the contract,” Peer Support group leader Zita Biosah ’14 said. “In my opinion, it’s a ‘why not’ situation because I would rather sign the contract than have Peer Support become nonexistent.”

The contract states that there will be no drug OR alcohol consumption, the hosting student’s parents must be aware of or present at the sleepover, no students from outside the Peer Support group are allowed and students must act in a way that reflects their group  as well as the school in a positive manner.

Failure to sign or adhere to the new contract may result in the student being asked to leave his or her Peer Support group.