Photography students present ‘How Black Lives Matter to Me’ project


Students, faculty and parents observed the work of Photography III students for their project about Black Lives Matter. Credit: Kaitlin Musante/Chronicle

Kaitlin Musante

Photography III students shared their project “How Black Lives Matter to Me,” a showcase focusing on diversity and race, during break on Monday.

Visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley asked the seniors in the class  to create a series of photographs that answered the question “How Do Black Lives Matter to Me?”. The students also wrote an introduction to the piece informing the attendees of their answers, which covered a broad range of perspectives.

O’Malley introduced the project to the class on the first day of school and said he wanted to establish a personal connection between his students and the movement because of its prevalent in today’s political climate. He also said he hoped to help students expand their “circle of concern.”

“Most of the kids in this class were white, and this was a way of teaching them to use their camera as an ambassador to other people they may not necessarily know,” O’Malley said.

Attendees said that they enjoyed the show and found it inspiring.

“I think the exhibit is very powerful, as students of all races came together to demonstrate their unity and show how everyone at [the school], no matter their race, supports the Black Lives Matter movement,” attendee Anja Clark ’19 said. “I also think it was really amazing that, although there are people who aren’t African American who can’t relate to the issues as much, they still managed to create really engaging projects that spoke for the community and helped to demonstrate the inclusive environment at [the school].”