HW Venture consults with alum


Members of HW Venture helped Mike Tour ’17 refine his idea for a sabbatical program. Credit: Printed with permission of Rob Levin

Sofia Heller

HW Venture members initiated a consultancy project Wednesday by meeting with Mike Tour ’07 and helping him formulate his idea for a sabbatical program.

The HW Venture project works to utilize club members’ creativity and provide help for students, alumni and others in the community, member Evan Keare ’18 said.

Tour explained that he wants to create an experience for high school graduates hoping to travel and seek adventure. He said that the feedback he received from HW Venture members allowed him to gain new perspectives on his idea.

I was so impressed by the level of thinking and creativity that came out of the students in HW Venture,” Tour said. “I came in with a seed of an idea and was able to really see it bloom through the perspectives and insights of different students who picked it apart. I really think it’s an invaluable experience for any entrepreneur.”

Tour is the first guest to participate in the consultation project.

Club members Rachel Seplow ’17, Evan Keare ’18, Cameron Schiller ’18 and Lucas Gelfond ’19 attended the session along with faculty advisor Rob Levin and entrepreneur Kelly Morrison ’16.

“The students did a stellar job of stirring [Tour’s] ideation,” Levin said. “More importantly, they had a blast doing so. This sort of intellectual ferment, this sort of in-the-zone flow experience, was a thrilling first taste of Venture’s vast promise.”

HW Venture and Tour are scheduling a second meeting to further develop Tour’s plan.