Geology trip to Death Valley postponed due to rain

Scott Nussbaum

The second trip for all Geology and Geology Honors students has been postponed because of the rain forecasted for Friday.

Instead of leaving school on the morning of Friday Feb. 28, students and teachers attending will leave on Saturday March 1 and return to Los Angeles the night of Monday March 3, which will cause them to miss one day of school.

The trip will not suffer any changes to the itinerary because of the rain. Three groups of students and teachers already visited Death Valley from Jan 31.-Feb.2, Feb. 8-Feb. 10 and Feb. 21-Feb. 23.

“I have seen real changes in my students after the trip,” Geology and Geology Honors teacher Wendy Van Norden said, as was reported in the February issue of the Chronicle. “They ‘get’ it so much better.”

The trip that will now leave March 1 will be the last of the four trips to Death Valley for the school year.