Construction partially closes main entrance, to reopen in late March

Jensen Pak

Storm drain construction caused the closure of a section of the parking lot near the main entrance of the upper school campus. The construction began Monday, March 10 and is projected to finish during spring break.

Students and parents were notified of the closure Friday, March 7 in an email from Director of Communication Jill Shaw. In the email, Shaw explained the procedure at the main entrance for incoming vehicles, along with a diagram of the entrance. According to Shaw, drivers who intend to drop off students, pick up students or park at the Hamilton Gym or senior lot are unable to immediately turn right after entering the main entrance.

Instead, drivers must continue south of the main entrance on Coldwater Canyon Avenue and enter through Hacienda Drive. The driveway and hill straight through the main entrance will still be open for entering and exiting. Chief of Campus Operations and Construction JD De Matte is in charge of the construction project. Because the construction only causes a slight detour in entering campus, many students say that parking in the morning is not a problem.

“I have to drive around to get to my parking spot because of the construction but it’s not too much of a hassle,” Adil Akram ’14 said. “I guess I’d say it affects me but it’s not too bothersome, especially since I block first and second period so when I come there’s no traffic.”

The construction will not impact faculty and staff parking, Shaw said. Construction, as well as the closure of the entrance, is expected to be finished by Friday, March 28.