Librarian to retire after 12 years

Pim Otero

Maureen Frank, who will retire as a librarian in June, initially came to Harvard-Westlake as the stay-at-home mother of David Frank ’98 and Richard Frank ’00.

She had volunteered frequently at the middle school library and was eventually hired after the retirement of a previous part-time librarian.

Before coming to Harvard-Westlake, Frank obtained her law degree from Boston University School of Law. Despite her full credentials to pursue a career in law, Frank instead became a houseparent at Vista Del Mar, a residential treatment center for autistic or mentally disabled children.

Later, Frank left her job as a houseparent and became a manager of a bookstore until her sons were born.

“When I was a second year law student, I remember looking around my classroom and thinking, ‘I don’t like anybody here,’ Frank said. “And I remember going through that same thing 30 years later when I’m in library school and I looked around and said, ‘gee, these are such interesting people.’”

While at the Middle School, Frank pursued a master’s degree in Library Science at UCLA, which she completed in 2002. That same year, Frank accepted a job offer as a full-time upper school librarian. Frank has been involved in a number of clubs, supervising Mock Trial for one year as well as a book club from 2003 -2006 and a knitting club from 2008-2011.

“I tried to let the kids run the clubs because I felt part of being a club at a high school level is to give the kids the leadership,” Frank said.

After her retirement in June, Frank has various plans for the future. She plans to remodel her home, as well as make frequent visits to Virginia to see her three-month-old granddaughter. Despite these excursions, Frank will continue living in Los Angeles.

“I’m so lucky; I’ve considered myself so lucky working here,” Frank said. “But, you know, I’m ready not to get up at 5:30 in the morning. I’m ready to go on vacation in October, and I want to go see my granddaughter. I want to pick up my phone, see my flight and go. I’m ready for that. I like working, and I’m ready to be done working.”