Robot to predict March Madness results

Scott Nussbaum

Students who wish to compete against the NCAA Basketball Predictor Bot can turn in their brackets online at ESPN’s NCAA” Bracketology” site by going on and using the link to or by using the link emailed to all students by Prefect Council March 16. All submissions are due tomorrow.
At break March 17, the students and teachers that worked on the Predictor Bot celebrated completion of the Bot with a pizza party at break.

Prefect Council will also be showing March Madness games in Rugby Auditorium on Thursday and Friday.

The Predictor Bot was created by students and teachers who used statistics and sports analysis to create the program that completed a NCAA bracket for the tournament. Each bracket ranks the 68 teams competing in the tournament and predicts how each team will finish in the standings. Student brackets will then be compared to the accuracy of the Predictor Bot’s bracket to determine the winners.

The creators of the most, second most and third most accurate brackets will be awarded a $100, $50 and $25 Amazon gift card respectively. Additionally, 20 other $10 Amazon gift cards will be randomly given to students who helped construct the Predictor Bot or had a bracket more accurate than the Bot bracket.

“I feel like [the competition] will allow everyone to engage in friendly competition and spark new conversation,” Miles Williams ’14, who helped with the Predictor Bot, said. “I love the NCAA Tournament, and I am especially excited to see March Madness take over the Upper School.”
The brackets will be compared and the prizes awarded after the Championship game of the March Madness Tournament on April 7.