Candidates to speak to juniors, sophomores

Candidates for Head Prefect will speak in front of the sophomore and junior classes at an assembly today in Taper Gymnasium. After these speeches, an email will be sent to all sophomores and juniors providing a link allowing them to vote for next year’s Head Prefects.

During the assembly, seniors are required to watch the ‘Get Lit’ poets in Rugby Auditorium and were not given free time for the duration of the election assembly as they were in past years.

The ‘Get Lit’ players  previously performed slam poems for both the sophomores and juniors at their class meetings in February and received positive feedback.

“A month ago, I worked with [English teacher Caroline] Miller to bring the Get Lit players to the sophomore and junior class meetings,” Director of Student   Affairs Jordan Church said.  “The response from the student body was overwhelmingly positive so we’ve been looking for an opportunity for the seniors to experience the players ever since. Last year, we did not have an all-school Head Prefect election so this is the first chance we’ve had to implement the change in the organization.”

Head Prefect Candidates also presented speeches in front of the junior class Monday, March 17. The candidates talked about their qualifications for the position of Head Prefect.