Environmental Club participates in Green Living Fair


Environmental Club member Henry DiNapoli ’17 talks with attendees of the Green Living Fair on March 11. Printed with permission of Nadine Eisenkolb.

Saba Nia

In the hopes of highlighting its involvement in environmental causes, the Environmental Club gave away free plants during the Green Living Fair in Studio City on March 11.

The plants, muhly grass and yerba buena, which came with pots participants were able to decorate, are native plants that require little watering.

“It is really important to pass on information to kids about the environment,” Environmental Club leader Hannah Tuchman ’17 said in an email. “Although the rain did help the drought, LA should still plant native plants for the next cycle. Caring for a plant is a small responsibility that teaches kids how to maintain the health of something.”

The fair, which featured booths from a range of local organizations and environmental groups including the Los Angeles Public Library and Tree People, is organized annually in the hopes of better educating the public about green living in addition to promoting some of the groups’ services.

“This has been a great thing to achieve purpose beyond ourselves in the community and get these plants out there and get people to conserve water use and so forth,” science teacher Nadine Eisonkolb said.

The Environmental Club, which has been participating in the fair for the last five years, wanted to show the community it is similarly involved in tackling eco-friendly issues.

“It’s a great thing we’re doing here, and I think that people are really appreciating us coming out and showing that we can be green too,” Environmental Club member Henry DiNapoli ’17 said.