Tech Council to maintain all school apps

Lizzy Thomas

A tech council aiming to maintain current campus-focused apps, create new apps for the use of the student body and design digital posters to be displayed on the TVs in the library and lounge for clubs on campus launched this month.

Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church and computer science teacher Jason Fieldman ’98 launched the council of computer science and photography students this month.

Church saw a need for such a committee in part because of the way apps created by students for the school community fell into digital disrepair when those students graduated, like the first iHW app launched three years ago.

“For a while, individuals would makes apps and then those apps would just die when those individuals would graduate,” Church said.

In addition to upkeep and maintenance, the council will try to generate new apps, possibly from ideas that students or Prefect Council may have but not know how to create.

“Prefect Council and the student body come up with ideas but are unable to implement them,” Church said. “Hopefully this council can help to do that.”

Church approached Head Prefect Henry Hahn ’14 and they partnered with Fieldman to select students for the first edition of a council Church hopes will continue in years to come. Though the three essentially hand-selected the current members of the council, it will eventually be open to application, Church said.

“It’s really difficult to start things, and we wanted to have some early success,” Church said.