Prefect Council hosts 4th Coffee House

Jake Saferstein

Students and faculty packed the lounge Monday after school to watch singers, actors, musicians and magicians at the fourth Coffee House this year.

To kick off the performances, coffee and snacks were served in the lounge, which was also decorated to look like a coffee house.

“I love it,” Matt Jung ’16 said. “It’s a great way to hang out with friends, listen to some great music and drink some great coffee.”

Senior Prefect Greg Lehrhoff ’14 hosted the show while the other prefects helped ensure the show ran smoothly. Head Prefect Henry Hahn ’14 also filmed all performances to upload them to YouTube.

“I am always surprised at how much talent our school has,” Alan Yousefzadeh ’15 said. “Coffee House is a great chance for students to show off these unexpected talents.”

Performances ranged from classic singing to magic. Many students performed individual acts, but some performed duets or group performances, like Jensen McRae ’15 and Aiyana White ’14, who performed “Unpretty” by TLC.

“I’m really happy I got to do a duet with Aiyana, especially that song. She and I have become great friends this year and I respect her so much as a person and an artist,” McRae said. “To do a song about self-image by a black girl group with someone so talented was amazing, especially since she’s about to graduate.”

In addition to students, faculty also watched the Coffee House, and the crowd was overflowing into the hallway.

“Coffee House has been such a fantastic Harvard-Westlake tradition,” Zita Biosah ’14 said. “I’m constantly amazed by all of the talent at this school.”

Prefect Council will host one more Coffee House this year.

“It was really cool [to perform] because there were people that were watching and they clapped at the end and it’s definitely something I’d want to do again,” Quinn Luscinski ’14 said.