Clubs win grants from Prefect Council

Jessica Spitz

Prefect Council will grant seven clubs funds for activities and supplies, Prefect Council announced in an email today. The clubs receiving grants are Junior Classical League, Helping Hands, KHWS Radio, SOMA Club, Chinese Pen Pals, Science and Outreach Club and Bridge to a Brighter Future.

“We really appreciate all of the support from the school and Prefect Council,” Bridge to a Brighter Future co-founder Alan Yousefzadeh ’15 said. “This grant will enable us to hopefully expand and improve tutoring quality here at Harvard-Westlake.”

Clubs were able to apply for up to $500 more than a month ago, and in their applications club leaders were required to describe exactly how the club planned to use the funds.

More than 20 applications were submitted for the grants, and each of the seven that were selected received the amount of money requested, prefect Grace Pan ’16 said.

“We based our decisions on the quality of the application and whether or not we felt that what they wrote on the application would help the community at large,” Pan said.

Pan hopes to begin the application process earlier next year, which she thinks would encourage more clubs to apply.

“Through this experience I think we’ve gotten closer with a lot of the club leaders,” Pan said. “I think we’re a lot more informed about what they are doing right now, so I’m excited that we were able to build that relationship and also just to see if they can use the money for a good cause and do something that will be effective.”