School rings in break with Festival to Spring



Ryan Wixen plays dodgeball as part of the Festival to Spring on March 30. Credit: Jenny Li/Chronicle

Jenny Li

Students and faculty played dodgeball and Wii Karaoke and ate In-N-Out Burger during the Festival of Spring March 31 in anticipation for Spring Break.

Hosted by Community and Character Committee, the event aimed to unite the students, Community and Character Committee and Athletic Coordinator Darlene Bible said.

“The committee came up with the festival to help foster community,” Bible said. “[We also wanted to] encourage friendly competition by class encouraged teamwork and cooperation, and of course to inspire light-hearted fun. I saw so many smiling faces and heard a lot of laughter. I think the students need more time to play and be active.”

The festival allowed students to not only bond between their fellow classmates, but with their teachers as well, Brendan Rose ’17 said.

“I think it’s a very positive tradition because it fosters faculty student bonding,” Rose said. “It’s especially important as a senior approaching graduation in this time where our teachers become our friends.”

Each class, dressed in red, white and black for each respective grade level, competed with each other and faculty members in an assortment of events all around school, ranging from three ball soccer on the Ted Slavin Field to Sudoku in the Ahmanson Lecture Hall.

“There were so many different games to play and activities all going on at once,” Claire Wiegand ’19 said. “I had so much fun playing kickball and ping pong with my friends! It was a nice break from classes.”

The events began after fourth period, and the games continued for around an hour.

“I feel like it was a really good transition into the break,” Blythe Berk ’19. “It relieved a lot of stress as there was a lot of last-minute tests, and the festival and the burger truck on campus was a really good escape from that stress. I’m so glad that they put together such a fun event.”

The festival allowed students to bond with each other and celebrate the end of school before the break.

“It was really fun,” Eli Yadidi ’19 said. “I played soccer, and I had a really good time. It was a really fun bonding experience because I could play with students who aren’t on the school soccer team. It was all around a fun and enjoyable experience, and it got me in the spirit of spring break.”