Breakfast, speakers, yearbooks to highlight annual senior transition day

Jacob Goodman

To help graduating seniors learn what to expect during their first year of college, Harvard-Westlake will host a mandatory senior transition day Thursday May 22.

The program will last from 9:15 a.m to 2:35 p.m. and include a breakfast, alumni guest speakers who will talk about their first years of college, yearbook distribution and a senior coffee house. The complete schedule is listed below.

Seniors will also be given a resource guide entitled “Success in Transitioning to College,” compiled by the deans.


Period Time Event Location
1 8:00-8:45 Must attend regularly scheduled classes
2 9:15-9:35 Breakfast Taper Gym
3 9:40-10:25 Breakfast continues Taper Gym
4 10:30-11:15 Senior Assembly (small dean groups) (small venues)
5 11:20-12:05 Special Presentation and Guest Speaker Rugby Theater
6 12:10-1:15 Special Presentation (continued) Rugby Theater
7 1:15-1:50 Yearbook distribution Chalmers East
8 1:50-2:35 Senior Coffee House Chalmers East