Marymount college counselor to replace Silberman

Sarah Novicoff

Dean Pete Silberman will leave Harvard-Westlake and will be replaced next year by Co-Director of College Counseling at Marymount High School Kyle Graham, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas announced in an email sent today to Silberman’s counselees and their parents.

“I think [Silberman’s] been great with students and with all kinds of students,” Dean Beth Slattery said. “He walks this amazing line of being very warm and approachable, but also being stern and being taken seriously when the time comes.”

Silberman and his wife are moving to Tennessee where she will attend medical school at Lincoln Memorial University.

In addition to his time at Marymount, Graham worked in the Admissions Office of New York University, where he also earned a Masters degree in Higher Education Administration, and at Hamilton College, where he received his Bachelor’s degree.

“[Graham] has a friendly personality, wide-ranging interests, a sharp wit and a keen intelligence—he can talk with anyone about anything,” Barzdukas wrote in the email. “It is easy to imagine students befriending him, seeking his counsel on matters important and mundane and wanting him to think well of their efforts and achievements.”

Graham also specializes in the use of technology in the college counseling process, Slattery said.

“Having experience both on the high school side and the college side means that he is likely going to seamlessly move into the deans office because he’s got experience doing all of the things that we do,” Slattery said.