Receptionist to serve as dean coordinator

Angela Chon

After almost two years at Harvard-Westlake, receptionist Lynn Miller will be taking the position of summer school and dean’s office coordinator as Ryan Wilson goes back to teaching English at the Middle School. Wilson has held the position for six years and decided to go back to teaching eighth and ninth grade English because he “thought [he] should be teaching full time in the subject [he] loves.”

“I’ve been teaching my Creative Writing workshop for the last six years in the summer, along with my Kutler class the last two years and Choices and Challenges since I arrived here,” Wilson said. “All of that classroom time just added up… I’m most excited about engaging [with] kids when reading and writing are beginning to take on a truly profound role in their development as people, solidifying identities, ideas and philosophies about life. That’s the whole point of literature, to connect to one another, and to be part of getting the most out of that connection, that’s exciting.”

With her new position, Miller will be supporting the deans and double checking their work with student schedules, testing and college choices in addition to helping with summer school programs.

“It’s just all the logistics to the summer school programs,” Miller said. “You know, making sure our brochures are done, we have all the teachers lined up, all the classrooms together.”

Miller describes herself as a “chatterbox” and likes “making [people] feel welcome”.

“I really am happy here,” Miller said. “But that will give me a little more responsibility and interaction with the kids.”

“[I’ll be sad] to leave behind the deans and summer school and dean coordinator Camille da Santos”, Wilson said. “[They’re] truly great people who have been supportive in every fool endeavor I’ve floated their way. Much love to all of them.”