School to host StartUp Scramble

Jessica Spitz

There are 36 spots available to all ninth through 12th graders for the Harvard-Westlake StartUp Scramble, an entrepreneurial workshop that will take place at the Upper School June 20-22.

Middle school students with entrepreneurial interest can also apply for a ticket.

StartUp Scramble will be a “highly intense, hands-on weekend where you will team up with other Harvard-Westlake students, identify real-world challenges and develop entrepreneurial problem-solving skills by launching new ventures,” the H-W Scramble Committee said in an email to all upper school students May 23.

Nicholas Abouzeid ’15, Matt Klein ’14 and Emma Sanderson ’14 are the student leaders of the initiative.

“[Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin] approached me with the idea of running a StartUp Scramble at Harvard-Westlake and I jumped on board immediately,” Abouzeid said.

The newly formed Harvard-Westlake Innovation Lab has teamed up with Scramble Systems, a company that specializes in entrepreneurship programs.

Successful alumni will be there to teach, coach and advise the different student teams, Sanderson said.