Student raises money for school in Thailand

Justine Chen

Pim Otero ’16 held a bake sale May 5 to raise money for an elementary school in Thailand.

Otero visited the school, Bahn Nong Ku, a few months ago in northern Thailand.

“It’s in a very rural part of Thailand where there isn’t a lot of electricity,” Otero said. “The next school over is several miles away, so it would take kids several hours to get to school, so they decided to build a school closer to their own village.”

Otero raised money for supplies and sports equipment for the newly built school.

“They don’t have any desks or chairs or really any pencils or pens, so teachers teach on the floor of the school,” Otero said. “There are only two or three people that are the administration, so the principle co-functions as a teacher.”

The baked goods were made with the help of the club Bake a Difference and were sold on the quad at a name your own price.

“I’m going to bring the money over there and the supplies are going to be bought over there and will be given to the kids,” Otero said. “The money will go to buying pencils, pens, desks, marker and sports equipment.”

Otero was inspired to start her own bake sale by other students holding their own bake sales at school to raise funds.

“I got interested in this when I met the man P. Dusit at our temple and he started telling stories about the poverty he had grown up in,” Otero said. “They didn’t have food or electricity. [This] was a story that contrasted greatly with what we have here. It inspired me since a lot of bake sales have been going on to raise money to make a difference rather than cheering on from the sidelines.”