Athletic department begins new video analysis program

Lucas Gelfond

Team-based sports programs will begin using a new video analysis program called Asisst in the coming year.

Assist is a system from a video analysis company, Hudl that has worked with the school in the past. The school began using Hudl’s technology in 2009 as a football only program but usage has steadily grown to encompass all team-based sports, Athletic Director Matt LaCour said.  The new system allows coaches to send video to Hudl to be processed and broken down instead of doing it themselves. According to LaCour, Hudl can process the video in 12 hours and free coaches from the three to four hours of work typically necessary to breakdown game films and make them usable for teaching. Athletic program heads and/or assistant coaches for most of these programs were present for a two day training from Hudl on earlier this summer.

“It’s important for us to give our coaches and athletes the tools they need to be their very best,” LaCour said. “Hudl allows coaches and players to maximize their time and be as efficient as possible. It’s a great tool for teaching and learning which is essential to team and individual success and creating a great experience for our student athletes.”