Skits, poetry recitation, announcements highlight first ever third Wednesday

Jesse Nadel

A video featuring a sophomore boy asking a junior to the Homecoming formal Sept. 20 and a recitation of an original poem by a senior at the first assembly of the year Sept. 17 highlighted the Community and Character Committee’s goal of emphasizing student input in the new upper school assemblies.

“The point of [1st and 3rd Wednesdays] is that we have tried to find ways to make our school more communal. I also want to stress that these will be student-run events,” Chair of the Character Committee Jon Carroll said.

In the comedic skit, Aidan Luscinski ’17 got advice from Head of the Upper School Audrius Barzdukas and President Rick Commons before walking into the assembly and asking Genny Thomas ’16 to go to Homecoming with him. Thomas turned him down, saying she already had a date, but Katie Kreshek ’16 jumped up and said that she was moved by his gesture and she would go with him to the dance.

As part of the new “On my Mind” portion of the assembly, Matt Beyer ’15 performed a spoken poem that he wrote as a response to an E. E. Cummings work. This segment was created to allow students to have an input in each assembly.

Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke also made an announcement promoting the Digital Storytelling Trip to Cuba, which will take place during Semester Break.

Despite the lack of air conditioning in Taper Gym, students said that they enjoyed the assembly.

“So the room might’ve been hot and I might’ve been sweating like crazy but honestly I had a lot of fun because I love assemblies and it really gave us a chance to come together as a community,” Serena Davis ’17 said.