Mintz to take over as plant manager

Aimee Misaki

Dave Mintz ’87 will transition from his position as the middle school plant manager to the upper school plant manager beginning Oct. 20.

Mintz will replace Felipe Anguiano, who will become the director of off-campus facilities.

Anguiano has worked at Harvard- Westlake for 38 years and has been the upper school plant manager for the past 20 years.

His new job will require him to supervise any off-campus work on facilities, such as maintaining O’Malley Family Field, where the baseball team practices and plays throughout the year.

Mintz’s job includes overseeing operations on the campus, including evening events, performances, parent meetings, special student activities and athletic events seven days a week.

“It is really not a ‘9 to 5’ type job,” Mintz said. “There are many hours involved and not just for myself, but for my team that provides this critical support.”

Anguiano used to start his day at 6 a.m. on campus for his duties as the upper school plant manager.

He dealt with outside vendors and contractors the school uses for events such as Homecoming.

Mintz has been the middle school plant manager for 15 years.

“I really know the Middle School inside and out, not just in terms of the physical campus, but I’m very familiar with the very pulse and heartbeat of the operation here,” Mintz said. “I’ve got to learn that over at the upper school. What the fundamental differences are have yet to make themselves known.”

Although Mintz will be on a different campus, he says that his experience on the Middle School will help him learn how the Upper School operates.

“I will make sure that everything is operating as it should and that the teachers and programs have the support that they need to perform their jobs to their fullest potential,” Mintz said.

Students said they appreciate Anguiano’s work.

“The maintenance crew is such an integral yet under-appreciated group of individuals,” Nathan Lee ’16 said. “I think that students often overlook how crucial they are to our everyday function. It’s important that we take time to thank them for service and their constant kindness.”

Faculty also appreciate Anguiano’s hard work.

“He’s very responsible and one of the nicest humans I know,” Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said. “He’s a genuinely helpful person.”