6 faculty members ride in CicLAvia cycling event

Benjamin Most

Six teachers participated Oct. 5 in CicLAvia, an event during which streets in downtown Los Angeles are cleared of cars to allows for bikers and pedestrians.

Science teacher Dietrich Schuhl, dean Vanna Cairns, Executive Assistant to the President Ann-Marie Whitman, librarian Edith Darling, Director of Publications Terry Baris and Director of Financial Aid Melanie Leon rode in the most recent event.

CicLAvia encourages locals to enjoy the community atmosphere and provides a safe environment for pedestrians in areas that would otherwise be crowded with cars.

Schuhl, who organized faculty participation, first heard of CicLAvia when reading about Bogota, Colombia, where the concept was pioneered. Volunteers in Los Angeles, inspired by Ciclovia, implemented the idea here.

Faculty members are also considering volunteering in the next CicLAvia event in December instead of biking.

“It’s a huge undertaking maintained by an all-volunteer staff, so it would be wonderful for our community to support,” Schuhl said.